Jon Paul Fiorentino
First released in 2005, Asthmatica is the first collection of comedic fiction from Jon Paul Fiorentino. The stories within are edgy, eccentric, and hilarious: a young man finds true love in a household appliance; a wise aunt teaches her nephew how to drive drunk; two juvenile delinquents stalk the milkman; an angst-ridden asthmatic makes an urgent plea to be your alpha male. Now in a brand new format, this special ten-year anniversary edition features brand new art by Aneka Smith, a critical introduction by Susan Holbrook, and a guarantee of 30% less typos by Jon Paul Fiorentino!
Fiction · Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95 · Trade paperback  · ISBN 978-1-55483-156-2 · 188 pages · 5" x 8"

Blind Items 
Dina Del Bucchia
Dina Del Bucchia takes celebrities very personally — maybe too personally.  What would you do if you met Lindsay Lohan in a Walmart parking lot? James Franco in a thrift shop? The Olsen twins behind a dumpster? Blind Items puts you in contact with celebrities in the ways you’ve always dreamed. These hypermodern confessional poems are funny, strange, and very, very sexy. In this, her second collection, Del Bucchia tears down the fourth wall of tabloid journalism with her teeth. 
Poetry  ·  Canada $16.95  ·  US $16.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-128-9  ·  88 pages  ·  5" x 8"  
The Broad Side: reflections on a long life
Eve Zaremba
In her long life, Eve Zaremba has picked tomatoes, driven a Bookmobile, researched Canadians’ junk food preferences, and written lesbian-feminist detective novels. She reflects on those experiences, and the personalities and politics involved, in her memoir, The Broad Side.
Eve spent her childhood in 1930s Warsaw, the daughter of a Polish army officer. When the Nazis invaded, she and her family took refuge in England, arriving in Canada in 1952.
By the 1970s, Eve was an active part of Toronto’s lesbian-feminist community and a founding collective member of Broadside newspaper.
Autobiography · Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95 · Trade paperback  · ISBN 978-1-55483-157-9· 248 pages · 5" x 8"

Dog the Moon
Stan Rogal
Mike Hanson is surprised to inherit his aunt’s farmhouse in rural Abbey, Saskatchewan. Even more surprising are the terms of the will: To keep the house, Mike must live there for three years, pursuing his long-abandoned dream of becoming an artist. If he fails, various local charities will benefit.
Stan Rogal’s compelling novel offers a new look at the traditional Canadian tale of a city boy in the “wilderness,” taking aim at our literary mythology with sharp, satirical darts.
Fiction/Novel  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-167-8·  318 pages  ·  5" x 8" 

From Mindless to Mindful 
How to Create Memorable Service Experiences

Draj Fozard & Jesse Otta
How did a former bank executive and a kid from a car wash cross paths to discover a shared passion for crafting memorable customer experiences? From Mindless to Mindful answers this question while weaving together their lessons learned over two vastly different careers. Their stories are real and compelling — they transcend boundaries between industries, the nature of businesses, and generational gaps. 
In today's global marketplace, products and pricing are becoming less distinguishable. Organizations are discovering that great customer service is no longer enough — it takes more. From Mindless to Mindful will sharpen your focus on what really matters to the people who grow your business. You will gain fresh insights on building a culture where delivering memorable customer experiences is in the heart and mind of every manager and employee. 
Business  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-139-5  ·  200 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

Hypocritic Days 
David Fiore
The sci-fi shelves are bursting with obnoxious alternate realities, but what if our own world was revealed to be among the worst of them? 
If you shared shiftless film critic Douglass Infantino’s caustic view of late capitalism, you'd probably take heart from the discovery—until you realized that you’d have to erase yourself from the continuity in order to put things right again. Is Douglass noble enough to make the ultimate sacrifice? Time travel giveth, and time travel fucketh things up. 
David Fiore’s first novel, Hypocritic Days, is an illuminating journey through time and space, splicing the conventions of the classic pulp novel with the awareness of the most acute critical theory. 
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-138-8  ·  344 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

 Jim Bartley
Mirza has masqueraded as "Mickey" throughout his time in Canada, but his own identity awaits him when he returns to spend a summer in post-war Sarajevo with his father. His grandfather bears the physical scars of the violence. His mother's psychological wounds are hidden, but re-open when Mirza uses the war as inspiration for a new art installation. Through the eyes of three generations, Jim Bartley's much anticipated second novel tells a tale at once sweeping and intimate, an unflinching story of war, escape, heartrending loss, budding love, and the hard-won understanding that true escape is an elusive and lifelong project. 
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-149-4  ·  328 pages  ·  5" x 8”

Naming the Mannequins 
Nic Labriola

Naming the Mannequins is an ecstatic journey through the seamy underbelly of a fading, unnamed town populated with seemingly hollow, anonymous souls. Taking place over the span of one night, this series of linked poems gives us glimpses into the lives of unlikely urban saints on their individual quests for personal humanity and spiritual redemption. 
Marred by loneliness, violence and desire, Labriola's world, at once lyrical and cinematic, occupies that irresistibly dark place in our cultural consciousness somewhere between film noir, crusade story and the songs of Tom Waits. 
Poetry  ·  Canada $11.95  ·  US $9.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-897178-78-2  ·  72 pages  ·  5" x 8”

Single by choice or chance
The smart woman's guide to living longer, better

Jill O’Donnell & Jackie Porter
If you are over 45, single by choice or chance, living in Canada today and are examining the options for your future, this book is for you. The path you take depends on your preparedness, from where you will live to how best to cope with aging parents and how you will address your own financial future.
This book will assist you in designing a life plan that encompasses not only financial goals but also your other life priorities—such as career, relationship and other personal goals.
Personal Finance·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-170-8 ·  144 pages  ·  5" x 8" 

Something You Were, Might Have Been, or Have Come to Represent 
Jay Winston Ritchie
In the stories of Something You Were, Might Have Been, or Have Come to Represent, young singer-songwriters strive for fame and identity in the indie music scene. A young woman’s creative process is plagued with pop cultural dissonance during a European soul-search; a first year university student has an existential crisis and eats the flowers that have started to appear on her doorstep; a call centre employee whose name newly yields a Google search hit is frustrated with his unimpressed co-workers; and one Montreal resident reaches the apogee of success and hits rock-bottom, all in the same year. 
With dry humour and twists of plot, Jay Winston Ritchie crafts a world replete with lasting images that resonate as both troubling and real. Each story poses an inquiry into how we shape our identity — which parts of ourselves we cull and which remain outside our locus of control. 
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-123-4  ·  132 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

Brian Davis
is a fast-paced, funny, and insightful examination of the notion of "two solitudes," of Anglos lost in the hazy dream of Franco-Canada. On a night of poetry slams, hockey riots, and a lack of pants, and set against the backdrop of the Bruins-Canadiens 2008 game 7 matchup, Brian Davis' debut novel takes the reader into the quiet corners of Montreal, infusing the story with characters that can only be found in a city like no other. 
Part DeLillo's Game 6, part Linklater's Slacker, but all Montreal, Squarehead is a hilarious look at loss, living, and loving in our a social-media-driven world, of searching for home and a place in the next round. 
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-150-0  ·  294 pages  ·  5" x 8"

Strategies for Retiring Right!
Rick Atkinson
Worried you won’t have enough money in retirement? Concerned about losing your work identity? Envisioning where you will live after you leave work? Wondering how your relationships will change with your family, friends, and partner?
Whether you are considering retirement planning or are already retired, Strategies for Retiring Right! will help you build a personal retirement plan to enhance your life after work. With its profound insights, lessons from true stories, and self-reflective exercises, it provides a pathway for you to make a successful transition from work to retirement.
Personal Finance·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-171-5 ·  page count 322 pages  ·  5" x 8" 

There is No Escape Out of Time
Jacqueline Valencia
Memory is an unreliable narrator and a time-travelling sieve for emotion. There Is No Escape Out of Time is an ethereal cinema of a mind, jumping through wormholes in a poet’s past, present, and future, and even in space. Jacqueline Valencia interweaves her love of film and literature, turning it into a playfully lyrical experiment. These poems are about navigating the role and event schemas people must break in order to heal and grow.
Poetry  ·  Canada $16.95  ·  US $16.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-169-2·  100 pages  ·  5" x 8"

Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat 
Life on the road for the Canadian indie band

Gern f. Vlchek
Where do you find Canada's best fish and chips? Which is the best bar to play in Thunder Bay? Why should you bring cash on the ferry to and from Newfoundland? How do you find cheap motel rooms at the last minute in any town in Canada? 
Based on his years of traveling with the indie band, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Gern f. Vlchek has written a comprehensive guide to successful touring for any independent Canadian band. Here he shares all the insider info he gained in his years organizing his band's life on the road, and now he lays it all out for you in a witty, take-no-prisoners style. 
Travel / Music  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-125-8  ·  436 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

Under Her 
Alexei Perry Cox
These poems examine how language is translated and how sexuality and gender roles are perceived in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. Crossing country borders and contested nationhood, the collection follows a woman who follows a man who then leaves her to fight for her. Each piece in the poetic narrative questions how relationships function and malfunction before, during, and after wars. 
Poetry  ·  Canada $16.95  ·  US $16.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-151-7  ·  120 pages  ·  5" x 8" 

Van Full of Girls
Michael Murray
Have you ever been in a van full of girls? All the girls are alive and they're happy. You’re all heading off to do something whimsical and flirty and you’re maybe a little bit drunk. You’re going to see a Beach Boys tribute band.
You’re going to the casino to bet it all on red. You’re going to a séance that you just know is going to end in skinny-dipping. Something like that. A Van Full of Girls is a collection of short, dizzy, funny things. It’s zippy and unpredictable, like a mongoose, but it’s dead sexy. You will want to take Polaroids of each precious little missive contained within and then tape each one to your fridge. You will want to give this book to somebody you need to love you.
Fiction / Short Stories  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-168-5 ·  164 pages  ·  5" x 8" 

Winnie's Tongue 
Nic Labriola
On the day her dad is buried, the woman who calls herself Winnie celebrates by setting out on the strangest road trip of her life. Her travelling companion is an enormous man-child whom she calls Tongue. Their vehicle: the beat-up limousine left to her by a dying man seeking forgiveness. Too little, too late. 
Searching for her lost mother and the son whom she believes was taken from her at birth, Winnie must confront her buried past, while battling addiction, heartache, and demons. In order to tell her story, she must first find a way to understand it. A motley mix of Maritime wanderers may provide her with just that — the signs, clues, and language she needs in order to reinvent her life's tale. Besides, she has Tongue with her at the wheel, the magical, overgrown free spirit who sings arias to cows in a field, picks up flowers and hitchhikers, and discovers an innate ability for lobster fishing. The big man's insatiable appetite for food and wonder helps reveal that which is beyond her painful memories: a road map of the imagination and a reimagined life. 
By the time they reach the healing waters of Atlantic Canada, Winnie is finally able to give voice to the suffering that has plagued her, but the story she tells is quite different from the one that she had expected. 
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-148-7  ·  240 pages  ·  5" x 8”

The Women of Skawa Island 
An Adam Saint Novel

Anthony Bidulka
Sergiusz Belar, one of the most powerful men in the world, faces a dilemma. Alzheimer's Disease is eating away at his intellect and soon he must appoint a successor. But along with tremendous power will come knowledge of a staggering secret Belar is keeping. Who can he trust? Is it already too late? 
With the fate of the International Intelligence Agency hanging in the balance, former Canadian Disaster Recovery agent Adam Saint is lured to the very edge of the world. Floating on the deep waters of Polynesia, a mysterious land of 1,000 islands, is one unknown to the modern world. Until a trio of women, survivors of a long ago shipwreck, are discovered on the unchartered spit of steamy, dark jungle. 
But who are the women of Skawa Island? Are they victims? Or are they hiding something, complicit in their own isolation? 
Emerging from the wreckage of his career and personal life, Adam Saint is forced to lead a mission to find the women of Skawa Island. With the resources of his former employer, no longer available to him, Saint must forge unlikely alliances. Supported by his kick-ass sister Alexandra and misfit computer genius nephew Anatole, Saint battles to win back his life, his family, and uncover a truth so horrible it might never have been meant to escape Skawa Island. 
Mystery  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-124-1  ·  408 pages  ·  5" x 8"