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This Will All End in Tears

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This Will All End in Tears

    By Joe Ollmann

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  Canada $21.95   

In these five beautifully illustrated stories, Ollmann peers into the cracks of everyday life, finding inspiration in those slightly uncomfortable moments, both extraordinary and mundane, that make life ... well ... interesting. Influenced by a variety of artists such as Ben Katchor, Charles Schulz, Ralph Steadman, and Edward Gorey, Ollmann draws the inhabitants of his world with remarkable craft and an eye for detail, making each character unforgettable.

"Oh Deer" tells the story of Schultz, a mild-mannered office drone suffering a mid-life crisis, who, instead of leather pants, buys a rifle and goes hunting with the alpha males he works with. The novice hunter gets lucky but with terrible results as he refuses to deal with the deer carcass in his garage.

"They Filmed a Movie Here Once" is about Amy, a young girl in a Northern Ontario town living with her pious, alcoholic father, both of them crippled by the loss of her mother. Amy is working in a diner and is in the midst of losing her Catholic faith — and possibly more — to the mysterious new fry cook.

"En Retarde (Delayed)" tells the story of the Salt brothers, Dennis and Robbie. Dennis has a drinking problem and has spent his adult life avoiding the responsibility of taking care of his older, mentally handicapped brother Robbie. When their mother is injured and hospitalalized, Dennis is forced to take Robbie in temporarily and scrambles to find a way out of the responsibility.

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Graphic novel  ·  Canada $21.95  ·  US $16.95  ·  UK £9.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  1-897178-06-9  ·  168 pages  ·  6" x 9 "  ·  Insomniac Press
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