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The Uncommon Investor III

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The Uncommon Investor III
How to earn superior returns in the stock market despite everything

    By Benjamin Gallander

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  Canada $19.95   

Benj Gallander has among the highest short- and long-term returns in North America. Author of the bestselling The Uncommon Investor and The Uncommon Entrepreneur, co-editor of Contra the Heard Investment Letter, and investment columnist for national newspapers and magazines, Gallander's approach to the stock market has the investment world buzzing.

Standing fast to his decidedly contrarian position, Gallander does not believe in buying and holding stock in perpetuity, and he thinks that stop-losses are idiotic, like playing cards with an open hand. Instead Gallander has redefined conventional norms of the risk-reward relationship: he rarely buys a stock that does not have a chance at a minimum 100 percent return, and he remains unconcerned with the daily pulse of trading. And all he has to show for his contrarian position is a fifteen-year annualized return of 21.8 percent with a staggering 64.8 in the meltdown of 2001.

Uncommon Investor III focuses on the basics of Gallander's controversial methodology, philosophy, and the rules around which he has structured his investment approach. His goal is simple: to show people how to improve their financial returns by themselves, reducing their dependence on costly brokers and advisors.

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Personal Finance  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $15.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  978-1-897178-62-1  ·  248 pages  ·  6" x 9 "  ·  Insomniac Press
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