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Recent titles

Dancing Nude in the Moonlight
Dancing Nude in the Moonlight
— 10th anniversary edition and other writings
By Joanne C. Hillhouse
Young Dominican single mother Selena Cruz is trying to make a new life for herself in Antigua, dealing with prejudice, poverty, and her interfering sister. When she meets handsome cricket coach Michael Lindo, her world is turned upside down.     Read more »

From Mindless to Mindful
From Mindless to Mindful
— How to Create Memorable Service Experiences
By Draj Fozard & Jesse Otta
How did a former bank executive and a kid from a car wash cross paths to discover a shared passion for crafting memorable customer experiences? From Mindless to Mindful answers this question while weaving together their lessons learned over two vastly different careers. Their stories are real and compelling — they transcend boundaries between industries, the nature of businesses, and generational gaps.     Read more »

Hypocritic Days
Hypocritic Days
By David Fiore
The sci-fi shelves are bursting with obnoxious alternate realities, but what if our own world was revealed to be among the worst of them?     Read more »

The Women of Skawa Island
The Women of Skawa Island
— An Adam Saint Novel
By Anthony Bidulka
Sergiusz Belar, one of the most powerful men in the world, faces a dilemma. Alzheimer's Disease is eating away at his intellect and soon he must appoint a successor. But along with tremendous power will come knowledge of a staggering secret Belar is keeping. Who can he trust? Is it already too late?     Read more »

Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat
Turn Right, Turn Left, Repeat
— Life on the road for the Canadian indie band
Gern f. Vlchek
Turn Right. Turn Left. Repeat.

Where do you find Canada's best fish and chips? Which is the best bar to play in Thunder Bay? Why should you bring cash on the ferry to and from Newfoundland? How do you find cheap motel rooms at the last minute in any town in Canada?     Read more »

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