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Recent titles

Aloha, Candy Hearts
Aloha, Candy Hearts
By Anthony Bidulka
New Edition of Russell Quant's Sixth Case

From the calm Pacific to the storm-tossed prairie, a teasing puzzle turns into a frightening game of cat and mouse for gay PI Russell Quant.     Read more »

Behaving This Way Is All I Have Left
Behaving This Way Is All I Have Left
By Gonzalo Riedel
A woman poisons her husband, who sputters and keels over but will not die. A man has his restaurant burned down, then retraces the steps, certain he has made a mistake. A tightrope walker slips off the cable and dangles over the crowd by her fingers. Despite their best efforts, people always screw up.     Read more »

Beyond The Journey
Beyond The Journey
— Women's Stories of Settlement and Community Building in Canada
By Althea Prince
Beyond the Journey features the voices of women who have experienced the challenge of living in Canada's immigrant communities. Some women were brought to Canada as children, while others immigrated as adults; yet others were born in Canada to immigrant parents.     Read more »

Painting Pictures and Other Stories
Painting Pictures and Other Stories
By Gayle Gonsalves
Painting Pictures features eight stories of discovery, betrayal, and passion. In these stories, set in Canada and the Caribbean, the day-to-day incidents set the stage for events that impact and change lives.     Read more »

Swimming with Chaucer
Swimming with Chaucer
By Dan Yashinsky
Long before the emergence of the printed word, human beings gathered to hear stories. These tales, carried in the head of the storyteller, ensured that a community remembered its history and its beliefs. Now our stories come from a range of sources, but there is still something magical about the spoken word.     Read more »

The Loneliness Machine
The Loneliness Machine
By Aaron Giovannone
Part meditation, part confession, part comedy bit, The Loneliness Machine — Aaron Giovannone's first full-length collection of poetry — is a strikingly new rendition of the trope of the suffering artist that takes dramatic risks and rarely fails to charm.     Read more »

Tumbling Tide
Tumbling Tide
— Population, Petroleum, and Systemic Collapse
Peter Goodchild
Our world runs on fossil fuels. It is estimated that oil production will drop to half of the peak amount around 2030. What will happen as we reach the point where there is no practical way to get whatever is still in the ground?     Read more »

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