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Recent titles

Blind Items
Blind Items
By Dina Del Bucchia
Dina Del Bucchia takes celebrities very personally — maybe too personally.     Read more »

Date with a Sheesha
Date with a Sheesha
— A Russell Quant Mystery
By Anthony Bidulka
New Edition of Russell Quant’s Seventh Case
Neil Gupta went to the Middle East looking for antique carpets. He found something equally timeless: murder.     Read more »

Notes and Dispatches: Essays
Notes and Dispatches: Essays
Edited by rob mclennan
rob mclennan’s second collection of literary essays, Notes and Dispatches, is another display of his vast range of reading contemporary writing.     Read more »

Something You Were, Might Have Been, or Have Come to Represent
Something You Were, Might Have Been, or Have Come to Represent
By Jay Winston Ritchie
In the stories of Something You Were, Might Have Been, or Have Come to Represent, young singer-songwriters strive for fame and identity in the indie music scene.     Read more »

Why Poetry Sucks
Why Poetry Sucks
— An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry in English Written by Canadians for Canadians (or American Bodysnatchers) in the Early Years of the 21st Century with an Overly Long and Not That Clever Subtitle the Publisher Rightly Refused to Put on
Ryan Fitzpatrick & Jonathan Ball
Despite a reputation for dead seriousness, poetry has a long relationship with humour, from Catullus’ complaints to Chaucer’s ribald tales to Kenneth Goldsmith’s appearance on The Colbert Report.     Read more »

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