Paul Zits
Winner of the 2016 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry
A shocking, unnerving narrative, at its heart a love story, Leap-seconds is built of recombinant fragments from a profusion of sources. But also at its core is the question “How does one represent violence in language?” If violence does not derive from a place of soundness, then its product should be utterly confusing, ultimately paralyzing. The collection chronicles a bewilderment with institutionalized violence and the anxiety felt by a systemic desensitization towards it. So the rhythms are aggressively arranged, excessive, the single-mindedness of its repetitions an assault. Its mannerist patterns seek to enliven our senses, bring us to our senses, render us sensitive. A varied and polytonic manuscript, approaching unsettling content with nerve and empathy, Leap-seconds is a compelling treatise on violence and a stark encounter with the apparatus by which it is so often normalized.
Poetry  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-187-6  ·  150 pages  ·  5" x 8”

The Shakespeare Folio
Chris Eyles
Dangerous characters, razor-sharp humour, machine-gun dialogue, and suspense rolled into a dark little package, a 400 year old package — this is The Shakespeare Folio. Frank hates his job. He needs more excitement, more action and more money. He puts together a gang of like minded men with criminal skills and hard edges to steal one of the most valuable books ever written. Reminiscent of Elmore Leonard's noir classics, The Shakespeare Folio, resides at the intersection of hard-boiled suspense and literary history.
Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-189-0  ·  228 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

Things Are Different Here
Rod Michalko
All of Rod Michalko’s stories take place in blindness, and things are different here. Michalko tells of how blind people move through the world encountering sighted people with tragic, daring, and humorous consequences. The characters in Michalko’s stories invite us to “come along for the ride”—a ride that will take us through the intrigue and mystery of creating a life in blindness.
    The university, restaurants and bars, on the street, even in martial arts—it is in these places that you will encounter blindness. These are stories of uncanny dimensions. There is Eli, a young man who is compelled to engage the completeness of his total blindness as it slowly seeps into his entire being; Eli, ironically, goes blind…again. The title story, “Things Are Different Here,” presents the mystery that Bradley faces in the “blinding light” as he moves, blind, in city streets.
    In these stories and in the rest of the collection, Michalko leads us into an unexpected image of blindness, and things are different here.
Short fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-188-3  ·  224 pages  ·  5" x 8"  

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